23 June 2016



ELANUS project special plane version is used for target identification tasks, communication and transport in
take-off and landing difficult conditions. Besides the military, Czajka platform can be used by firefighters,
border guard etc. for monitoring roads, special transport lines, state borders and forest areas. Due to such a
broad area of usage the design provides slots for specialized equipment. The second seat can be replaced
with slots for equipment and devices, such as vision cameras, night vision equipment, motion recorders,
temperature sensors etc. Data obtained using such equipment are transmitted to the dispatching centers
and mobile monitoring centers (MMC), issuing commands and tasks. Easy take-off and landing, as well as
agility of this project, allow operation in difficult conditions, while servicing does not require specialized
and extensive facilities. In additional to specialist equipment, configured according to individual needs,
MP-02 can also serve as an unmanned plane.
Built on the Mercedes vehicle with specialized off-road suspension, allowing entry into inaccessible places.
The car is equipped with a three-person cab and two seats for equipment operators, as well as an addition
seat in operator’s cabin.
It is also equipped with a mast, that can be extended to the height of 7 meters while the vehicle is parked.

At the top of the mast there is possible to install two of the following cameras:
1. PTZ daylight camera – 36x zoom, 360° head rotation.
2. High sensitivity thermal imaging camera.
3. Dual thermal imaging/daylight camera in one rotating camera head. Possibility of installing additional,
remotely controlled xenon illuminator with 1 km range.

Wtórplast company was awarded the Leader of the State Security – 2016 for the system Elanus details here.

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