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1 July 2016

Secured communication let`s do it together



Our SecuroBase™ services are based on the Securo-Base™ hardware/software platform. This platform is based on modular construction which allows for smooth expansion of components to extend performance and functionality. The platform is an isolated non-public telecommunications VPBX system providing secure connection and data transfer between subscribers.


Videophone GRANDSTREAM GXV3275

Our Goal
The services offered by Secure Digital Communications Securo™ are designed to provide the highest level of communication security for customer who must secure their proprietary knowledge and information against unauthorized access, while at the same time having a need to exchange that information between authorized customer.


Videophone GRANDSTREAM GXV3240

The Securo™ platform has been designed and implemented with the following priorities:
◊ Conservation of the highest confidentiality for the
transmitted information
◊ Maintenance of the highest level of continuity of
◊ Realization of he highest possible quality of

Our services:

  • SecuroVoice™
  • SecuroVideo™
  • SecuroSMS™
  • SecuroFAX™
  • SecuroConference™
  • SecuroAlarm™


Video conferencing bridge GRANDSTREAM GVC3200



Our communication encryption uses an RSA 4096 bit enhanced security public key, and modern SHA2 (512) hash function technology to ensure the security of all connections. We encrypt voice and video with the AES 256 bit symmetrical algorithm, currently one of the most secure algorithms on the market.



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